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Every action you take to return ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is a step towards a healthier planet. Imagine the impact: by taking back ONE-DNA™ artificial grass, we not only avoid wasting precious resources, but also reduce CO₂ emissions. This is your chance to make a real difference. With the Take-Back Program, we ensure that your used artificial grass does not end up in a landfill, but is given a new life in the form of new PE products. Your contribution is vital. Be the change you want to see in the world and help us create a greener future. You make the difference!

How it works?

To be able to recycle artificial grass in the future, we must now ensure a product that is suitable for high-quality recycling. This has been achieved with ONE-DNA™ artificial turf. In close collaboration with our Changemakers in various we are in discussions with local recycling companies to close the loop. As a customer, you have two options to arrange this take-back:

Do you choose one of these two take-back options? Then we will ensure that the old ONE-DNA™ synthetic turf is recycled. The recycled material will be made available again to the market for new high-quality PE products and as a raw material for new artificial grass.

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Fill in your details and choose the collection option that suits you best. We will not use your details for any other purpose.


We try to answer your questions as best we can. Is your question not listed? Please contact our team.

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About ONE-DNA™

With ONE-DNA™, a registered trademark of LimeGreen®, we develop artificial turf products made entirely of a single material: 100% PE (polyethylene) ensuring they retain their value at the end of their lifecycle. This value retention process aligns seamlessly with global sustainability goals with a focus on:

  • circularity
  • lower CO2 emissions
  • and minimal use of raw materials.


Do you have a question about the Take Back Program? Or would you like to know more about our artificial grass? Then get in touch with us.

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