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Take-Back program
Recycling program for end-of-life
LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial turf.

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LimeGreen® aims to recycle as much of our used ONE-DNA™ artificial grass as possible. This way, we avoid wasting raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions. And you can contribute to that.

LimeGreen®’s Take Back Program ensures that used artificial grass does not end up in landfill, but is actually recycled and can be used to produce new PE products. This program is only available for LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial grasses.


Please fill in your details and select the take-back option that best suits your needs. We will reach out to you to determine the drop-off or pick-up location.
Of course, we will not use your details for any other purpose.
LimeGreen recycling

Take-Back recycling program

Recycling is arranged in close cooperation with GBN. This means that cutting waste during installation and end-of-life grass are collected separately in bigbags by our service partners around the country. These bigbags are emptied into specially designated containers. These containers are taken to GBN, where they are processed separately from traditional artificial grass products. The recycled material is again made available to the market for new PE products and to TenCate Grass, so they can use it to make new artificial grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About LimeGreen

With LimeGreen®, we aim to develop artificial grass products based on ONE-DNA™ that retain end-of-life value. This process of retaining value fits seamlessly with the EU’s sustainability goals. To achieve the transitions required for the climate, we all have to make steps. We focus on:
  • circularity
  • less CO2 emissions
  • and minimal use of raw materials.

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